Unreal Engine 4 Material Library


Unreal Engine 4 Material Library

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Unreal Engine 4  Architectural Material Library (With Editor Utility Blueprint)



This Content only tested Unreal Engine 4.15,4.17,4.18,4.19
Yes, If the new version is available then I will re-build the Content. Then you can download the new build.

Support  4.24 and Higher

Short Description:

This content is made for users who want to use Unreal Engine 4 for architectural visualization. Unreal Engine 4 the best of Engine for Arch-VIZ. Many,many people, however, think the structure of the material is very complicated,and I recommend this package. This pack contains a lot of Material Parents that you can use as a Material Instancing at any time. I’ve been thinking about users who like Vray and Corona Render, and I have made a Material Style that they can easily use. (  This package Included Material Testing Scene, and Demo Scene)

*The package I will be updated continuously with new materials and functions.





Included Installation and Usage Guide!


Editor Utility Widget :




Material Parents:

3D Floor Material(For 3D Mesh)
Advanced Material
Base Material
Blend Material (Layered) (Only Metallic)
Blend Material (Layerd) (Only Specular)
Cloth Material (Only Metallic) For Silk Cloth
Cloth Material (Only Specular) For Fabric Cloth
Covered Material
Covered Material (Tri-Planar)
Emissive Material
Foliage Material (V1)
Foliage Material (v2)
Glass Material
Parallax Occlusion Mapping Material
Parallax Occlusion Mapping Material (V2)
Parallax Occlusion Mapping Material(V3)
SSS 3D Floor Material (For 3D  Mesh)
SSS Blend Material (Layered)
SSS Base Material



Material Functions:

Advanced Mix Node Function (3dsmax style)

Advanced Tessellation Function

Blend Textures Function ( 2 textures Lerp Mixing)

Base Falloff Function( Only Color)

Advanced Falloff Fucntion (Color+Textures)

Brushed Texture Function

Slope Function

Noise Texture Function

Parallax Occlusion Mapping Function (Modified)

Real World Scale UV Function

Texture Adjustment Function( 3 Point Levels,CheapContrast)

Tri-Planar Separate Function ( 3 Texture Node XYZ)

Tri-Planar UV Function (XYZ)

” Tri-Planar Inputs: UV Rotation 360 Deegres YXZ, UV Offset YXZ, Global Scale, Texture Size (YXZ), Tri-Planar Blend Settings, Absolute World Position”

Custom Lighting Function For Cloth Material

3D Floor Function(Like 3dsmax Multitexture Material) Inputs: Diffuse,Specular,Roughness,Bump/Normal


Instance Materials:

         Texture Resolution: 1024-4096

  • Carpet ( 5 Different Carpet Material Instance) (Parallax)
  • Concrete ( 5 Different Concrete Material Instance)
  • Emissive ( 1 Emissive Material Instance)
  • Fabric ( 7 Different Fabric Material Instance)
  • Foliage ( 1 Foliage Material Instance)
  • Glass ( 3 Different Glass Material Instance)
  • Ground (8 Different Ground Material Instance) (Parallax)
  • Interior Wall ( 2 Different Interior White Wall Material Instance)
  • Leather ( 6 Different Leather Material Instance)
  • Marble( 4 Different Marble Material Instance + 1 Marble 3D Floor Material Instance)
  • Metals( 15 Different Metallic Material Instance ( Base+Layered)
  • Plaster ( 3 Different Plaster Material Instance)
  • Plastic ( 7 Different Plastic Material Instance)
  • Porcelain ( 1 Base Porcelain Material Instance)
  • Silk ( 2 Different Silk Material Instance) (Custom Lighting)
  • Velvet ( 4 Different Velvet Material Instance) (Custom Lighting)
  • Wood (10 Different Wood Material Instance)
  • Wood Floor 3D ( 3 Different Wood Floor Material Instance)
  • Covered ( 3 Different Covered Material Instance)

Vray/Corona Style Material Instance

  • Blend ( 2 Different Blend Material Instance)
  • Concrete ( 1 Concrete Material Instance)
  • Leather ( 1 Leather Material Instance)
  • Metal ( 3 Different Metal Material Instance)
  • Plastic ( 1 Plastic Material Instance)
  • Wood ( 1  Wood Material Instance)


Landscape Material (With Layer Info+3D Mesh)

Landscape Content:

  • Snow ( Diffuse,Specular,Roughness,Normal,Height)
  • Soil Dirt (Diffuse,Specular,Roughness,Normal Height)
  • Leaf ( Diffuse Specular,Roughness,Normal,Height)
  • Mud (Diffuse,Specular,Roughness,Normal,Height)
  • Water Puddles(Diffuse Color,Specular,Roughnes,Height)
  • Gravel_V1(Diffuse,Specular,Roughness, Normal Height)
  • Ice(Diffuse,Specular,Roughness, Normal,Height)
  • Grass ( Diffuse,Normal) (AutoLandscape)

*Landscape Scene not included this product. Just Only Landscape material.






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